Second Floor 3rd floor
Fourth Floor (NL: Derde Etage)
Under the roof of the national monument there is space for two apartments (#12 and #13) with the old original roofing beams nicely visible. The old grandeur of the building is visible due to the height of this floor. Extra daylight is created by new, zinc dormers, in a nice modern complementary detailing. A third apartment (#18) is created in the the adjacent new building with a similar look and feel as the monumental building: for example it has a high curved ceiling (4m) and large dormers for lots of daylight and glorious views overlooking the city.

  • roof terraces as an outside space
  • monumental detailing, original roofing beams visible
  • apartments 13 and 18 directly accessible by lift, apartment 12 via 6 steps
  • apartments available of 55 m² (590sqft), 98 m² (1053sqft) and 48 m² (515sqft)
  • alteration of layout of the apartments possible in consultation with the architect, except for monumental elements.

Layout proposals
For layout proposals of the appartments click on one of the links.

Klik hier voor een indelingsvoorstel appartement 13 - derde verdieping Klik hier voor een indelingsvoorstel appartement 12+18 - derde verdieping