17 Monumental Apartments Interieur
Hans Bakker talks about the Eduard IJdo project, pt. II

17 Monumental Apartments
In the old heart of Leiden a long the Oude Rijn 2 national heritage premises and 2 local monuments are situated which used to be a former book printing office. These monumental properties are suited for elegant living in a historic city centre with all comforts of a new housing estate.
The premises will be restored with the focus on maintaining the original detailing and construction; at which new elements like custom made oak staircases will be crafted on site.
Next to the listed building an extension will be realised, thus creating an additional 4 apartments. With these, in total 17 apartments on a wonderful location in the Leiden city centre will be offered, with a beautiful view and shop and restaurants in walking distance.
The appartments will have the availability of an elevator and a secured entrance. Because of the possibility of tailored medical care, the appartments are especially interesting for senior citizens.

Placing of the Weather Vane
It is custom to celibrate reaching the highest point of a building during construction. When the building recevied it's watertight roofing, the builders receive what is called “pannenbier”. (beer).windvaan
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Reporting: Placing of the Weather Vane
Audio soundbite d.d. 18-06-2014 (in Dutch):

Laying of official 'First' Stone
On the 27th of september, the official 'first' stone was layed by Pieter van Woensel, alderman of "Ruimtelijke Ordening Binnenstad en Publiekszaken Leiden". hansbakker
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Interview with Hans Bakker about the start of construction

On the website, architect Hans Bakker talks about the start of construction on the project Eduard IJdo (Dutch audio):

Hans Bakker talks about the Eduard IJdo project

Sale has started on the first 13 apartments
Via the "Drawings" and "Downloads" section in the menu, one can find all the information on the first 13 apartments that have gone for sale in June 2011.

Unique financial offer
• You borrow at low interest rates, 1.5% of the National Restoration.
• The restoration costs are deductible from your gross income.
• Annual maintenance costs are also deductible.
• Eduard IJdo has a low VVE contribution, and low costs for heating by heat pump.

Layout and orientation
• Freely partitionable to suit the buyer.
• Linking of several apartments into a larger house.
• All apartments are different.
• Citygarden near the water, and a landing place for a boat in front of the door.
• Interior finishing of your choice, included in the sale.
• Location in the middle of the citycenter, within walking distance of train station and university.
• Parking permit is provided by the city counsil.

Energy saving and comfort
• Very high thermal insulation of facade, roofs and floors.
• Double sliding French windows with high quality double glazing.
• New flat floating screeds with underfloor heating and soundproofing.
• Access control system with video and interconnecting entrance.
• Lift with sliding glass doors
• New flat cantilevered stucco ceilings with sound insulation package.
• Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.
• Heating with heat pump instead of waterboiler system (low energy).

Developer Atrium Vastgoed and architect Hans Bakker will restore the premises. This combined party has feeling for restoring monuments and has an eye for this specific site due to their connection to Leiden. The start of the build will be in the latter part of 2012, the delivery will be in mid 2015.