13 Monumentale appartementen 13 Monumentale appartementen

April 2015
Video added about progress of construction.

June 2014
On the 18th of juni the weather vane (or weathercock) was officially placed on the highest point by Paul Laudy, alderman of "Ruimtelijke Ordening Binnenstad en Publiekszaken Leiden".

September 2013
On the 27th of september, the official "first' stone was layed by Pieter van Woensel, alderman of "Ruimtelijke Ordening Binnenstad en Publiekszaken Leiden".

May 2013
A link to the audio interview with architect Hans Bakker (Dutch only) was placed on the site.

November 2012
There is a new newsletter, click here to download.

November 2012
FVB, financial consultants, de Boer has calculated the financing options and monthly costs. This has been added to the Price List.
This calculation shows that the purchase of an appartment is very attractive, due to the favorable fiscal and financial concessions from the government.
A new newsletter with the latest developments has been sent to all prospective buyers.

October 2012
The link to the YouTube video of the project has been placed on the website.

September 2012
The buyer information on the site has been expanded, with also the mentioning of the favorable financing of the restoration costs, through the mortgage of the memorial fund of 1.5%.
Also, the tax deductibility of the restoration costs are mentioned.

August 2012
The contractor has been selected. The implementation of the entire project, both restoration and new construction, will be done by Contracter "Veenman and Vink" Hillegom.
Atrium has many years of good experience with this company, and major projects with them have been realized.

July 2012
Having agreed with housing association Portal, on the purchase of the corner building Hooglandse Kerkgracht 2, there is a request for the planning permission for the new apartment building.

June 2012
A summary of available apartments has been added, also it possible to view some furnishing suggestions. The summary is accessable via the menu > drawings.